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Since it’s Santa’s off season…

by bkachinsky | Mar 14, 2009 | | Leave a Comment

I had to give away more grips:

Over the past few days i’ve been sifting through tons of photos of beat up, worn out, busted up grips. Thanks to everyone who entered and a huge thanks to everyone who included a joke. You made my day. It amazes me what earth, wind, fire, endless shredding and even dogs/cats can do to a pair of grips. I originally was going to pick 5 winners but after being indecisive about a few I decided to choose 7 lucky winners of a brand new pair of DK Tsuka grips courtesy of

Some of the winner’s grips were so beat up they were covered with electrical tape:

and some were still in one piece but were in need of an upgrade:

Here are the winners are who will be “hand-somely” rewarded with some soft new grips:

Eric Luna
Micah Davis
Darik Frye
Jeremiah Hunter
Jeff Baily
Jake Dufur
Louis Boudreau

Congrats! All 7 of you will have a fresh pair of grips coming to your doorstep!


Brianta Clausinsky


Wild/funny/interesting/random pics from Thailand

by bkachinsky | Mar 08, 2009 | | 3 Comments

I just got back from Thailand with what could be the best crew of 4 dudes I could think of. I could think of about 200+ adjectives to describe the places and I have even more than 200+ good photos from the trip but here is a small taste:


This is an elephant playing the harmonica. Bob Dylan is envious. 
This is the Thailand national cycling coach demonstrating the power of a little bracelet. Despite having positive and negative ions on his side, I don’t think he could have ever knocked over Aaron Ross. 
A community bathing tub aside the freeway in Bangkok. At first glance I thought it was used to wash clothes but soon realized that people were not bringing their clothes in there. I will never complain about a dirty motel shower ever again. 
This 23 flat 23 gap was massive. Think El Toro x 2, add 6 stairs and a big flat in the middle. Footage and way better photos coming to a DVD player near you soon. 
While on the theme of scary (but successful) moments. This box jump was sessioned by a certain someone on the trip. Equally as sketchy was the roll-in. 
After our first day/night of riding around Bangkok we were greeted at our hotel by an elephant strolling by checking out the scene. I looked into trading in my Honda for one but my insurance rates would go up so I decided against it. I don’t think i’d be able to parallel park with it anyways. Only in Thailand. 
I was humbled by the number of bananas this elephant could eat. I thought I was badass because I could put down 4 in one day. This guy scarfed down a whole bucket, peel and all. And that was just an appetizer. Potassiawesome!
Thanks to the Gary, Walter, Doyle, Aaron and all the Thai riders for a great time. I have many more I could share with you (and no, they aren’t all elephants) but spring is here so go ride and have fun! 



Things that make you go hmmm….

by bkachinsky | Feb 21, 2009 | | 1 Comment

I just drove from Chicago to California and back. It was fun, crazy, boring, epic, carefree, frustrating, awesome, etc. 

The long drive gives you an abundance of time to ponder things. Sometimes you over-think things so much that they become simple again. Let me give you some examples:



During the drive I was pulled over 3 times and only once resulting in a ticket. $145 and 2 points for failing to make a complete stop when turning right on red in Denver. Seems a bit excessive but whatever, what’s done is done. 

The one that really made me wonder was being pulled over in Oklahoma by a state trooper. He came to the window and asked for my license, registration and to please step out of the vehicle. I have never been asked to step out of the vehicle so I had to ask him again “sir, did you tell me to get out?” … “YES, Immediately” he replied. He brought me into his car and began writing me a ticket for going 74 in a 70. 4 mph over the limit and here I was in the cop car.

It turns out it was a written warning and it was followed by questions like “do you have speed limits where you’re from?” or “can you read the signs posted, you know how to read right?”  I replied with the least amount of polite words possible and was on my way. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through that officer’s head? Why did he pull me over in the first place for 4 mph over when people were flying past me all day long? Second, why get out of the vehicle? Third, why was I pulled over again? Jeff and I discussed the possible reasons for the next 200 miles or so. 


How did the Grand Canyon get there and what were the facial expressions of the first humans who saw it? It truly is larger than life and awesome to finally see in person. This photo is actually a 2 for 1. Humans on leashes. Good idea or not? Seems like a weird concept. I guess in this instance perhaps its for safety, which is ok considering the surroundings. Something to think about though. 
When you are as bigtime and busy as Tony Hawk, do you even have time to skate? How do you make it work? I guess you build a skatepark complete with world’s smoothest vert ramp in the same building as your office. What else would you put in there? I dreamt about that for a good hour while we were stuck in traffic after the session. (thanks for hooking that up rooftop!)
Does wearing make-up for an hour make you less of a man? This one hurt. Jeff K and I watched football highlights and ate red meat for a solid 4 days after this. Pat Parnell is stoked on Aaron Ross’ part in Grounded and so am I. 
Thanks again to everyone who made this an awesome trip. Tomorrow i’ll be flying for a solid 22 hours en route to Thailand…that’s a lot of time to think. 



Truckers friend?

by bkachinsky | Feb 05, 2009 | | Leave a Comment

I’m on a pretty serious roadtrip to Cali right now with Milwaukee’s Jeff K. We decided we were sick of winter and are heading south. We have been taking the route 66 path so avoid even more cold/snow/all-around-winter-jype. 

Today at a truckstop in Oklahoma (shortly after getting pulled over and written up for going 74 in a 70 (yes, a whole 4mph over the speed limit. I’m an outlaw) I found the “trucker version” of the DK Random Wrench! The manufacturer calls it the Truckers Friend. It sounds to me like a euphemism for lot lizards but then again i’m not in that industry so I don’t know.

Anyways, This thing is super macho. It’s basically hammer/axe/medieval weapon, packaged, marketed and chromed out to appeal to today’s kings of the road.  

I’m not really the type of person to buy something like this but today I actually had to hold myself back from getting it. I may have to look into this as a gift idea for next Christmas. 

I guess i’ve been driving for too long… more soon. 



Dude, get a grip man!

by bkachinsky | Feb 01, 2009 | | Leave a Comment

Hey Everybody, 


DK released their new Tsuka grips recently and were nice enough to send me a bunch of them. Since I can only use one pair at a time, I figured why not give the gift of grip? My travels take me all over the place and if I?m lucky enough to ride with you, you may be lucky enough to get a free pair of grips. Hope to see you soon!



Photos by Dave Leep (


So hot right now…

by bkachinsky | Jan 27, 2009 | | 2 Comments

Hey Ya’ll,

I just wanted to share with you all the best condiment on the planet. I discovered Sriracha hot sauce about a decade ago but my consumption has skyrocketed over the past few months. This stuff is amazing. You can put it on everything from eggs, pasta, fish, chicken, falafel, salad, sandwiches…you name it. I even tried to use to to install some new grips today (that didn’t go so well). It’s the WD-40 of condiments. 

I love it so much I even tried to get Action Village to carry it ( since they seem to carry everything else under the sun. They said they are going to stick with BMX, Skate, Snow, Apparel, Etc …hey I tried.

I purchased my latest bottle in a little store in chinatown here in Chicago but you can get the stuff all over the place. 

I reckon this stuff will soon be an essential accessory that i’ll have to carry with me. Wallet (check) Cell phone (check) Sriracha (check)…haha, ask me next time you see me. I’ll let you borrow a drop or two. It’ll change your life. 




by bkachinsky | Jan 22, 2009 | | 1 Comment

Collaboration isn’t a new concept by any means but it is something we see more and more of amongst businesses today. In this ever changing consumer-driven economy its become advantageous for some businesses to combine forces and operate under the same roof. It’s not uncommon to see competitors to not only be neighbors but now roommates. Take Taco Bell and Pizza Hut for example:

or sometimes it takes even more than two in order to tango. This is when things get really crazy…

They must roll a dice to choose the color of the awning because a coin just isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

I came to the realization that this goes way beyond fast food. We’ve even see this happen in BMX. We’ve seen shoe companies join forces with clothing companies and bike companies and all sorts of wild stuff. 

I was headed to see a well-respected knee doctor the other day here in downtown Chicago and I kept rechecking the address because instead of signs that said “doctor” or “hospital” or even “orthopedics” the building kept saying this:

confused but curious I walked in and sure enough this was what the entrance to my doctors office looked like:

I don’t know how the Chicago Bears team doctor and Playboy HQ ended up under the same roof but it seems to work out as a successful collaboration. 


Headed to Austin

by bkachinsky | Jan 04, 2009 | | 1 Comment

I’m headed to Austin this week and i’m pretty damn stoked about it.


Seems a bit more appealing than this: 


I’m looking forward to the capital of Texas’ weather, riding scene, tacos, A.Ross, 6th street and promoting my new collaboration project with the American Dairy Association and New Era. 

You saw it here first. I already wear some questionable silly-hats at times and New Era’s have become part of the BMX uniform so why not. I’ve even been considering the fedora/willy wonka version:

Greg Lutzka’s from Milwaukee, maybe i’ll leave that one up to him. BMX isn’t ready for that one yet. Too cheesy. (sorry I had to at least once in this update)

My new favorite websites: (wow, it actually does exist)

-any link Povah sends

and many more

…Where do I stop??? 

You can take the boy out of Wisconsin but you can’t take Wisconsin out of the boy.


See you in Austin!

(not everything you read on the internet is true)

*If you’re not from, never been or don’t know much about Wisconsin you might not find this post quite as funny as us Wisconsinites (or as we call ourselves: “the chosen ones”…or “cheesen ones”?) 









Xmas cards

by bkachinsky | Dec 29, 2008 | | Leave a Comment

Since i’m still in the holiday spirit I figured I’d share a few of my favorite Christmas cards I got in the mail this year. 


Pretty amazing. There are so many things I love about this picture. 

Don Brown (Etnies/Sole Technology):

Proof that santa can party.


Special effects, good backdrop, an attractive lady, a ruggedly handsome man, lightsavers, etc.  You can always expect him to go all out. 


My scanner broke so hopefully i’ll have more for you soon. Thanks to everyone who sent me cards this year. I love them. In the age of email is awesome to get stuff like this and  it means alot. I’d rather get a card that has me on the floor laughing over a gift anytime. I have my bike and my health, I don’t really need much more than that. 

BUT…I did get one good e-card. This ones from everyone at DK/System Cycle:


Happy Holidays



Was Santa good to you? …

by bkachinsky | Dec 29, 2008 | | 1 Comment

He was awesome to me. I made up for last year’s lump of coal and made out with some goods this year. 

Quite possibly my most practical yet exciting gift this year was the Kleen Strides: 

These are amazing. I was assured by the manufacturer that they were Etnies compatible before taking them out of the box and putting them to use. I can’t wait til’ I get the other attachments. When I do…it’s on.

Function before fashion, right? At least by using these i’ll be increasing efficiency and reducing my carbon “footprint” left by leaf blowers, snow blowers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

You didn’t seem as excited as me about that last gift but I assure you it rules. This next gift might be better:

This would actually be perfect for times like now. I’m sitting at my computer, hacking away at the keys and could really go for a nice piece of warm, multigrain toast. I know Dr. Atkins would advise otherwise but nothing goes better with some interwebnet surfing than some carbs. This thing is perfect for the home, office, RV, school computer lab, library, etc.  As soon as I ripped open that wrapping paper I knew it was a match made in heaven. 

My next gift may have to be the only one I take back (and luckily was the only one with a gift receipt included):

ifeast is an amazing idea but i’m not currently a pet owner and don’t plan to be anytime in the near future. This may be my only gift I white elephant and put into next years gift rotation. Taj, would Roscoe be into this? Catfish, how about Simone? Whoever contacts me first can have it for free, it’s taking up space and is still in perfect condition. 

It’s been an awesome holiday season so far and will only get better once my birthday hits on New Years Eve. I can guarantee that’ll be either a highlight or an all time low…maybe both.

Have fun out there everybody!

Santa Rules,