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Champ Stance

by bkachinsky | Dec 15, 2009 |

I sometimes feel I have the obligation to educate. Rather than go on about my views regarding healthcare reform or the military surge in Afghanistan I’d rather inform you all about a social phenomenon, The Champ Stance.

This simple expression has changed my life and it can change yours. What is the champ stance you ask?

Think Brett Favre after a touchdown pass:


or American Icon: Rocky (pretty much 24/7)



Wouldn’t you like this to be you? It can be.

Whether it be celebrating a victory, recovering after a fall or embarrassing moment, waking up in the morning, entering any room anywhere, or just for for the hell of it, you can instantly feel like a champion.

The steps are simple:

1) make fists with both hands

2) raise them above your head with authority

3) shift your gaze up 30-40 degrees from parallel

4) bend arms at the elbow 10-15 degrees

5) hold for 2-3 seconds (or longer if you prefer)

There you go. The champ stance is yours.

You can even use it when your tired after a long flight like I did when I arrived in Barcelona after 14 hours of flying.


I even replicated this pose today after I found a great deal on a Christmas gift. It’s versatile and universal.

For you tech saavy folks, you can even use the champ stance while texting your friends:


There you have it. Now you can say you learned something today!


Disclaimer: Using this inappropriately at bars, police stations, or when confronted by a dozen gang members may result in less than favorable situations.

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