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5 things I love about Guadalajara, Mexico

by bkachinsky | Nov 06, 2009 |



I’ve been fortunate enough to be on many sweet trips this year. Whether it be a neighboring city, state, country or continent, trips are always a good time. My most recent trip to Guadalajara, Mexico was one of the most fun for many reasons. I couldn’t list them all but here are 5 reasons why Guadalajara is super neat and awesomely dialed… dude.

1) La Comida (the food)-

“Wanna do tacos again?” This saying was used just about every time I got hungry. The tacos, quesadillas, salsa, horchata and everything else wonderful about mexican food was top notch in Guadalajara. The pastor was my favorite. May I also mention that it’s cheap? A plate of 5 tacos will cost you around 30-35 pesos which is a little over $2 in the U.S.A. Keep em’ coming…





The guy making the sugarcane juice may have questioned my spanish and my sillyhat but he still made a tasty drink.

2) El Calle (the street)

Riding around Guadalajara was awesome. There were tons of good spots, rarely sweated by security, and plenty of crazy s@$t going on at all times, much like you’d expect in any big city. Good times!




3) Las Personas (the people)-

Most people we met in Guadalajara were extremely kind, helpful and welcoming. I compared this to the U.S. in a few ways. Traffic: In the U.S. if there is a slight traffic jam or if you need to cross the street, people honk, yell and give the finger. In Guadalajara people would keep their cool and wait the extra 5 seconds until they could go. It seemed to work out. Language: I speak a bit of spanish but most people with us didn’t. This isn’t a problem in Mexico as they would try as hard as they could to communicate despite the language barrier. At home in the U.S. people would get frustrated and say “Why can’t you speak english? … Get out of our country !  ..etc. etc…”  Thanks to everyone who was patient with us and everyone who helped me improve mi espanol!  The riders were especially friendly and fun to hang out with. Alex from Mutante is perhaps the best host I’ve ever had while traveling. Thanks man!



4) La arquitectura (the architecture)

Like many large cities there were buildings new and old in Guadalajara. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked to but here are a couple. On a smaller scale, some of the houses were cool as well. Even while some of the homes may be quite traditional in their layout, they aren’t afraid to use bright/bold colors on the exterior  and it makes the city/neighborhoods a bit more aesthetically pleasing.





5) La cultura y actitud (the culture/attitude):

The vibe of this city (especially our friends) was really relaxed and fun loving. That being said they didn’t stress too much about what other people were doing, wearing, eating, flaunting, etc.  The rules and laws are a bit more relaxed but still sensible. All in all it made for a fun week. Keep in eye on the web for footage coming soon!












Gracias a todo mis amigos de Guadalajara, Mutante, y BMX en Mexico! Veo tu Pronto!


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