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iphone apps for BMXers

by bkachinsky | Aug 05, 2009 |

The iphone is one of the best purchases i’ve made in the past couple years. I often refer to it as my second brain…or maybe third or fourth. Either way they rule and can do just about everything.

Here is a list of apps I use often, they are all free downloads and all hold a special place in my second brain’s heart:

Around Me


This app is perfect for traveling. It finds your location automatically and shows you the nearest…everything. From Coffee to hotels to pharmacies to gas stations. It also has the option to search for keywords like “chipotle” or “bike shops”. The other day I was in California and needed a new tube. Within seconds I had directions and phone numbers to the closest bike shop. Perfect. It doesn’t find street spots yet though…give it time.



Evernote solves the “where was that spot again?” problem. Although the last app couldn’t find street spots, this one will at least make sure you won’t forget them. Evernote is a note application that allows you to attach pictures along with notes and link them to a precise GPS location. If you are in a new area and find something you want to ride you can take a photo of it, add a description and then save it’s location. Next time you are in the area you don’t have to remember the cross streets, this remembers it for you. You can also search through notes for key words like “subrail” or “kinked rail”. I love it.

BMX Grub


Created by a BMXer  (dustin greiss) for BMXers- This is the most useful BMX specific app to date. It’s awesome to keep you in tune with the latest and greatest BMX has to offer. I’m sure it will keep improving as well since it’s still young.



“Follow” me on this one. I’m sure there are tons of Twitter apps out there but this one seems to do the trick. Attach links, photos, videos, etc. If anyone knows a better one let me know!



This will be the next olympic sport, that’s if the X-games doesn’t adopt it first. Papertoss is what happens when the worlds of basketball, golf, testosterone and secretarial duties collide!  I can’t wait until people start talking “trash” and making dat “paper” playing this revolutionary sportgame.  What’s your top score?



Thanks to skype I never have to buy another phone card again while overseas or while calling someone abroad. I bought 10 Euros worth of skype minutes in February and I’ve spent over a month overseas since then. I’ve called friends and family back home almost every day i’ve been gone and I’m only down to 6 Euros now. Amazing, clear, easy and cheap.

The Weather Channel


This app often dictates how I will spend my day. The weather feature that comes stock on iphones only gives you the general weather for the day, while this app gives you hour by hour weather and live radar. Now you can decide “weather or not” it’s worth driving an hour away to ride that outdoor park. Free once again.

Check these out! Hope this helps all you iphoners ride your bike more and more betterer (<< college really helped my grammar).

Anyone out there have some good ones I don’t know about?

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