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The best thing since….

by bkachinsky | Jun 08, 2009 |


It’s been years since i’ve run valve caps on my bike. I think the last pair I had were a pair of chrome dice on my GT vertigo back in the mid 90’s. 

DK changed all that. I introduce to you the Spoke Wrench Valve Cap. 

This is perhaps the best invention since…

The internet?


The internal combustion engine? 


Tagless T-shirts?


Sliced Bread?

In a recent competition this little buddy beat out all of those inventions and more! It was a tight race but in the finals it even beat out the ever popular, Sliced Bread. See for youself:


Viva La Valve Cap!!!

Now you’ll never be without a spoke wrench. Your wheels will thank you. 

(insert boxing announcer voice here)

DK now holds the welterweight and heavy weight title in BMX tools! Let’s get ready to rumble. ;) 

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