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Headed to Austin

by bkachinsky | Jan 04, 2009 |

I’m headed to Austin this week and i’m pretty damn stoked about it.


Seems a bit more appealing than this: 


I’m looking forward to the capital of Texas’ weather, riding scene, tacos, A.Ross, 6th street and promoting my new collaboration project with the American Dairy Association and New Era. 

You saw it here first. I already wear some questionable silly-hats at times and New Era’s have become part of the BMX uniform so why not. I’ve even been considering the fedora/willy wonka version:

Greg Lutzka’s from Milwaukee, maybe i’ll leave that one up to him. BMX isn’t ready for that one yet. Too cheesy. (sorry I had to at least once in this update)

My new favorite websites: (wow, it actually does exist)

-any link Povah sends

and many more

…Where do I stop??? 

You can take the boy out of Wisconsin but you can’t take Wisconsin out of the boy.


See you in Austin!

(not everything you read on the internet is true)

*If you’re not from, never been or don’t know much about Wisconsin you might not find this post quite as funny as us Wisconsinites (or as we call ourselves: “the chosen ones”…or “cheesen ones”?) 








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