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Was Santa good to you? …

by bkachinsky | Dec 29, 2008 |

He was awesome to me. I made up for last year’s lump of coal and made out with some goods this year. 

Quite possibly my most practical yet exciting gift this year was the Kleen Strides: 

These are amazing. I was assured by the manufacturer that they were Etnies compatible before taking them out of the box and putting them to use. I can’t wait til’ I get the other attachments. When I do…it’s on.

Function before fashion, right? At least by using these i’ll be increasing efficiency and reducing my carbon “footprint” left by leaf blowers, snow blowers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

You didn’t seem as excited as me about that last gift but I assure you it rules. This next gift might be better:

This would actually be perfect for times like now. I’m sitting at my computer, hacking away at the keys and could really go for a nice piece of warm, multigrain toast. I know Dr. Atkins would advise otherwise but nothing goes better with some interwebnet surfing than some carbs. This thing is perfect for the home, office, RV, school computer lab, library, etc.  As soon as I ripped open that wrapping paper I knew it was a match made in heaven. 

My next gift may have to be the only one I take back (and luckily was the only one with a gift receipt included):

ifeast is an amazing idea but i’m not currently a pet owner and don’t plan to be anytime in the near future. This may be my only gift I white elephant and put into next years gift rotation. Taj, would Roscoe be into this? Catfish, how about Simone? Whoever contacts me first can have it for free, it’s taking up space and is still in perfect condition. 

It’s been an awesome holiday season so far and will only get better once my birthday hits on New Years Eve. I can guarantee that’ll be either a highlight or an all time low…maybe both.

Have fun out there everybody!

Santa Rules,




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