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I took my own advice…

by bkachinsky | Dec 16, 2008 |

…from my previous post and took a road trip. Milwaukee’s Jeff K. was my co-pilot:

The DK headquarters near Dayton, Ohio was our first stop. The warehouse was sessioned once again and it was awesome. This is the best employee lounge i’ve ever seen at any company. Once the business day is over and the computers/phones are turned off, this is where they unwind…

Woodward Camp was the next stop.

Snow didn’t stop us from having a good time and it certainly didn’t stop Jamie Bestwick from his daily activities. Welcome to Jamie’s office and this is his definition of “casual friday’s”. 

I got to witness a variation of this downside whip that is insane. You will all hopefully get to see it soon. Wild.

Between sessions we perfected our pool skills, ate sandwiches (seriously), drank Turkey Hill iced tea, and I even found a new way to get the foam out of my beard. 

60% of the time 98% of the foam is removed within 6.57 seconds on 9 out of 10 attempts. 

It was a cold but fun trip, you will see some clips from it soon. Thanks DK, System Cycle, Woodward and Buds Barn Beard Blower Blaster. 

It’s freezing. I’m going to Florida later today, I can’t wait. More soon….


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