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From Downtown L.A. to the Northwoods to Europe (and Bigfoot in between)

by bkachinsky | Aug 16, 2008 |

Here are a few pics from the past couple weeks:

1) Morgan Wade: airs high, drives fast and always wins at staring contests (even despite my intimidating accessories)

2) Jamie Bestwick rules

3) Lake Owen: Located up near Bigfoot’s former Wisconsin estate, Lake Owen is a BMX oasis in the northwoods. Ramps, rails, trees, lakes, and don’t forget about the BLOB. Pretty much all of summers good times wrapped up into one place.

4) Bigfoot: He’s back! A few years ago, after Rooftop and I had gone a Bigfoot search, I received this book in the mail from none other than Catfish. It soon became my recipe book for life. Titled “Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir” This autobiography of the beast himself (with a heart-felt intro by Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster) is incredibly inspiring. In the book he reminds you that he hasn’t fallen off despite his lack of coverage lately and that Bigfoot mania of the 70’s and 80’s is just the beginning. He blames alot of his recent career troubles on the internet, music and television. He also claims that ” if I give stuff away like Santa I be everybody hero”. That isn’t Bigfoot’s style though, he’s hardcore. He also warns of Bigfoot knock offs saying everyone wants a piece of his pie. I wonder if he’s behind this recent stir…

only time will tell… more soon! 

Next week: Hamburg, Germany for the T-mobile mini ramp contest. check out:   …should be amazing!


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